What Is The Mom Economy?
The Mom Economy, or as I like to call it, “Momconomy” is driving successful entrepreneurship. Mom-owned businesses drive economic growth and help bridge the gender pay gap by putting women in charge of their own paychecks. These businesses are rewriting the rules on how to build a business that will fit these women’s lives. When mothers start a business, they set up an environment that understands the balance of work and familial needs. They often hire other mothers and take on business partners that are mothers.

We are talking about high-profile, powerhouse influencers here. Groups all over the country encourage mom-owned businesses to collaborate, support and promote one another. San Francisco has three such groups. Here in Massachusetts, there is a powerful group that supports mom-owned businesses with influential programs and guidance.

Why The Mom Economy?

Women are prioritizing family life while advancing their careers through their own workplace autonomy. There are a few key components that all of these women have in common. They are self-starters, passionate, innovative, detail-oriented, organized, an, above all, they are NOT. AFRAID. OF. FAILURE.

What Do I Know? I Am Not a Mom.

Well, not much. But as strange as it may sound, I have always had a fascination with mothers and everything in the world that they do. Since I was little, I would always invent business ideas in my head on how to make a mom’s life easier. Although I am pretty sure I made my own mother’s life a nightmare.

So now, Shah Law has a niche area of assisting mom-owned businesses from everything from their initial start-up documents, to their partnership agreements and contracts needed as they face growth. I love learning about all of the creative businesses that come through our door. I have never been more excited to be a business attorney than right now.