And there you have it, you can run your business and be fabulous with no pants! And you can be successful doing it.

The birth of the entire online business is here. And coming from someone who started practicing law when the internet was like just invented, this is exciting stuff to me.

You have content, you have courses, you have people who want to know your stuffs. Traditional one-on-one Client Agreement will not do. You need an online business package and I cannot tell you how awesome it is to have one of these. I know because I started doing one for myself and I was like hey….I have an idea.

What is the Online Business Package? It can be anything you want, but it usually consists of these components in some way, shape, or form:


1. Terms and Conditions

a. Are you selling goods?
b. Are you selling services?
c. Are you selling something that is a mix of both?
d. Are you selling magic (and can I have some)?

2. Privacy Policy

a. What information are you collecting?
b. What is your reach?
c. Whose privacy would you like not to violate (hint: you do not want to violate anyone’s privacy)

3. The Course Agreement

a. What are your courses
b. Are they live or pre-recorded?
c. What are the terms of these online courses?
d. Will you be teaching magic (asking for a friend)?
e. Will there be downloadable content that you would like protected?
f. Do people need to behave themselves?

4. The Membership Agreement

a. Is this a paid membership?
b. What are the perks?
c. What are the rules?
d. What do they have access to?
e. Third Party Sites- what do they mean to you, to them, and to everyone?

5. Facebook Group

a. Facebook has policies, but what are your policies?
b. Manic Mondays?
c. Sell-it Saturday?
d. What’s Happening Wednesday?
e. Do you even know what I am talking about?

These are things business lawyers love to create. At least this business lawyer love to create this stuff because I feel hip, with-it, and like I did not start this article out by saying I started practicing when the internet was invented.
This is my new jam. Let us jam together.

Also, Toothless Johnny is not wearing pants in the above-referenced photo