We Take Care of All Your Business Legal Needs So You Can Just Take Care Of Business

Shah law wants you to feel supported through your entire business experience, whether you are incorporating your business, drafting agreements, bringing on investors, or going through fundamental corporate change.

When Do You Hire a Business Attorney?

Many business owners only hire a lawyer when they are in trouble.

Here at Shah Law, we understand you do not like trouble. And being in trouble can get expensive.

So how do you consider legal help from the start, knowing that this costs money? The key is that engaging a business attorney from the start will end up saving you money and helping the business in the end.

Why Should You Hire Shah Law?

Often, the cheapest lawyers, or worse yet, online legal programs, are lacking in necessary experience. It may seem appealing to hire the cheapest option. However, you may find that you pay more in the long run. You either end up paying more an hour because they don’t have the experience, or you end up hiring more qualified attorneys to fix the unresolved issues. Here, at Shah Law, all of our Business Attorneys have between 10-25 years of experience.

Our Services

Consultations up to 45 Minutes Are Always Complimentary

Business Formation and Structure

Attorneys at Shah Law can help you with all phases of the incorporation process, from advising you on the corporate structure that best fits your particular business needs to filing the correct paperwork. Getting the fundamental assistance you need to turn your great idea into a business, or your business into a protected entity, shouldn’t cost you a lot of money.

Commercial Contracts

Shah Law, PLLC can help with all of your contract needs, from drafting a contract to use for your clients, independent contractors, or employees, to resolving contract disputes. We strive to draft contracts that both you and your clients can understand – leaving out the verbose legalese, while ensuring that your business interests are represented.

Mom-Owned Businesses

Shah Law Wants to Help You with Your Mom-Owned Businesses.

Community Connections
Shah Law, LLC offers assistance to a wide network of law students, lawyers, and law professionals through their LawTutors service.

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